Teague D&D

All I need is a couple days off

After a difficult battle with the traitorous Herald, Kaufra, and his undead former brothers and sisters, you have cleansed the temple. The sole remaining Herald, Hemekef, has begun the task of restoring the temple in preparation for the New Morning, with the help of Lieth, a paladin of Lathander who has answered the call to protect the temple from further attacks.
You have given the antidote to the boy, Devek, and he has awoken. He will recover physically, but he may never recover emotionally/psychologically from the loss of his family. Hemekef has offered to take the boy in, as he will need help restoring the temple, and can perhaps aid in the boy’s emotional/psychological healing. Devek is willing, and is eager for the chance to learn from Hemekef and Lieth how to defend himself so that he can prevent what happened to his family from happening to others.
When word reaches Havehollow of Crimson’s death, the village holds a proper wake to celebrate his life. Meanwhile, word reaches you that the Baron wishes to meet the group of adventurers that has been helping the good people of his domain. He has sent an official invitation to visit him at Northpoint Castle, which lies about a day’s travel north along the road that Havehollow is on.
Hemekef says that the party is welcome to stay and rest, and says that, after a few days to fully recover from the sleeping draught, he will be able to remove the curses he senses several of you are afflicted by. He suggests that, in the meantime, you all might make your visit to the Baron (and composes a letter which he asks you to deliver). He notes that the castle has several merchants and outfitters based there. He asks Payorel to remain at the temple during this time, however, to learn more about the New Morning prophesy and Payorel’s possible place in it.
After examining the sanctuary, searching Kaufra’s belongings, and time in prayer to Lathander, Hemekef is also able to piece together what happened while he was sleeping, and shares this with you: Apparently, Kaufra was secretly a servant of Baphomet, who was sent to infiltrate the New Morning temple and sabotage their efforts. He was able to deceive the Heirophant (leader of the order) enough to be allowed to stay in spite of questionable behavior (Hemekef notes that Kaufra was the one usually tasked with retrieving water from the well until the quake and incident with Kuo-Toa attempting to come up from it…). Kaufra only pretended to take the sleeping draught, and once his brothers and sisters were asleep, he slew all but the Heirophant and his assistant (Hemekef), who were locked in their rooms protected by traps. Once he had set up his profane altar and raised the Heralds as zombies, he used one to get into the Heirophant’s room. He killed the Heirophant and must have taken his robes, because Kafra was dressed in them when you encountered him. He must have also then run afoul of the spike trap on the stairs leading to the top floor (as evidenced by the punctures in the robes and his body), and died there. The dark forces he served, in their cruelty, raised him in an undead form and forced him to stay to prevent the temple from being re-consecrated to its original purpose. It was due to Kaufra’s oversight and demise on the trap that Hemekef was spared.



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