Teague D&D

Anchors aweigh, my boys...

At the behest of Baron Northpointe, you agreed to investigate the strange goings-on at the so-called Iron Keep, an ancient sea fortress located some distance off the point from which the Barony draws its name. Payorel opts to stay behind for a time to do research on the Keep, while the rest of the party travelled down the trade road to the Southern Coast Road. After turning on the SCR toward the port town from which you would take ship aboard a ship provided by the Baron, you discovered a small fishing village that seemed to have been attacked and the people all taken away. You met a strange old man who claimed to have survived, and told a tale of fish-men and their shark thralls. Continuing on to the port, you met up with the sailing master and set out immediately for the Keep. On the way, you were accosted by a group of fish-men and sharks, much as the old man had described, and their goal seemed to be capture of prisoners rather than murder. You drove them off, and continued on to the Keep. Once there, you were battled your way through merrow, sahuagin (the fish-men), a twisted undead elven king and his guard, several living water creatures, and numerous nefarious traps, to finally confront the coven of sea hags at the heart of the affair. You stopped them from completing the ritual that would have freed the Kraken imprisoned beneath the Keep, and after mopping up the last of the sahuagin presence, you set out for the Baron’s ship to take you back to Northpointe.



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