Central Ohio D&D

New paths

The party has bid farewell for now to their forest gnome friends, who have returned to their druid mentor to be initiated as full members of the Emerald Enclave. A tiefling warlock has approached the party and asked to join forces, offering his services in whatever endeavors the party undertake, in exchange for assistance tracking down and meting justice on the one responsible for murdering his family. A wood elf monk, who has spent his entire cloistered life in a temple devoted to nature, has been sent on a journey of self-discovery by his order. Will travelling with this eclectic group help him find the answers he seeks?

You have answered the call of a nearby farm family, who were distraught over their son’s condition. When you arrived at their farm, however, you found them murdered, and were ambushed by a necromancer who craves the amulet you found in Astagar’s manor. You fought off his force of thugs and vile undead, but he escaped into the woods, using his familiar to distract you from your pursuit.



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