Central Ohio D&D

Oodalolly! Oodalolly! Golly, what a day!

You answered the newly installed Baron Northpointe’s invitation and received a hero’s welcome. You were able to find merchants to sell some of your unneeded (or unwanted) magical items, and acquired several new toys, as well as a supply of consumables. You attended an awards ceremony honoring you and a merchant captain who had recently foiled a piratical attack on the King’s courier ship. The ceremony was interrupted by an attempt to assassinate the Baron, which was thwarted by the merchant captain. Spotting the would-be killer, you set off on a merry chase (accompanied by a Dragonborn warsinger that had happened to also be present, but without Aria, who stayed behind to tend to the merchant captain) through the castle and its grounds, eventually following him through a secret door leading to an underground river. The chase continued on the underground river, during which you faced several perils (including your own difficulties steering your boats), eventually splashing down in a pool at the base of a hill. Your prey was nowhere to be seen, but you assumed he continued downriver, and your assumption was soon verified by the invisible imp. You found a camp where the assassin had met up with a band of henchmen, and a confrontation ensued. You prevailed, and though the assassin escaped, you were able to capture one of his cohorts and brought him back to the Baron for interrogation. You discovered that the assassin was sent by the mysterious new leader of the pirates operating in the region, and that he was not working alone.



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