Central Ohio D&D

Riders on the storm...

As you made it back to the ship after sorting things out at the Iron Keep, a major storm rolled in, forcing the Master to run before it all the way down the coast to Alaghon. You had intended to make your way to the Capitol eventually, anyway, so you decided to make the most of this opportunity, as the Master of the Baron’s ship indicated it would be a good 2 weeks before the ship would be repaired fully.
Aria immediately took the amulet to the Temple of Selune for guidance, and Ferral set out in search of clues to his brother’s whereabouts. The rest of the party spent some time at Nancy’s Harbour CafĂ©, learning what they could of the city. In addition to tips on the best shops, you heard of a bit of a folk hero called the Raven, who was known for robbing the rich to give to the poor, although lately the poor had been seeing less and less of the take from the Raven’s jobs. You also heard of some grisly murders in the Temple District.
After deciding that you would spend a couple of days asking around more about the Raven in concert with shopping for gear, you headed to the Temple District right away to find out more about the murders. You were able to surmise the killer’s modus operandi, and set about setting a trap, of sorts, using unwitting bait in the form of a gambler down on his luck. As you had hoped, the killers (you discovered there were 2) took the bait, and you were able to save the target of the attack and kill the attackers, which turned out to be a pair of gargoyles. Given what you know of them, you wonder if they might be working for a powerful spellcaster in or near the city?
You then checked in to the Broken Coin Inn, and learned that the 2 thugs that had been with Vortigern at the farm were brothers that frequented the place in between taking such goon-work. Perhaps following up on this lead could tell you more about Vortigern? You proceeded with your plan to scour the city for interesting gear, and after making your purchases, you stumbled into the middle of a street war between rival sects of monks. Payorel recognized them enough to be able to help you choose sides, and you were able to fight off the attackers, which included a very powerful monk in black robes, wielding a bo-staff that glowed red, though not without taking you own lumps.
When you returned to the Broken Coin, a mysterious stranger named Malcolm approach Kuro about the Raven. It seems he had some dealings with the Raven, and felt he had definitely been holding out more of the take lately. He told you the location of a meeting planned with the thief and a few others to discuss a new job. When you went to the location, the Raven made a run for it, and a chase ensued. You were able to catch her (for the Raven turned out to be a woman), and determined that she had been holding back more of the take, likely due to the influence of a cursed coin. In the process of relieving her of it, the coin came to be in Payorel’s possession, and the curse immediately took hold of him. It took the combined efforts of the rest of the party to get it away from Payorel, and it is now in the claws of Kuro’s imp familiar, who suddenly seems reluctant to follow commands…



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