Teague D&D

Riders on the storm...

As you made it back to the ship after sorting things out at the Iron Keep, a major storm rolled in, forcing the Master to run before it all the way down the coast to Alaghon. You had intended to make your way to the Capitol eventually, anyway, so you decided to make the most of this opportunity, as the Master of the Baron’s ship indicated it would be a good 2 weeks before the ship would be repaired fully.
Aria immediately took the amulet to the Temple of Selune for guidance, and Ferral set out in search of clues to his brother’s whereabouts. The rest of the party spent some time at Nancy’s Harbour Café, learning what they could of the city. In addition to tips on the best shops, you heard of a bit of a folk hero called the Raven, who was known for robbing the rich to give to the poor, although lately the poor had been seeing less and less of the take from the Raven’s jobs. You also heard of some grisly murders in the Temple District.
After deciding that you would spend a couple of days asking around more about the Raven in concert with shopping for gear, you headed to the Temple District right away to find out more about the murders. You were able to surmise the killer’s modus operandi, and set about setting a trap, of sorts, using unwitting bait in the form of a gambler down on his luck. As you had hoped, the killers (you discovered there were 2) took the bait, and you were able to save the target of the attack and kill the attackers, which turned out to be a pair of gargoyles. Given what you know of them, you wonder if they might be working for a powerful spellcaster in or near the city?
You then checked in to the Broken Coin Inn, and learned that the 2 thugs that had been with Vortigern at the farm were brothers that frequented the place in between taking such goon-work. Perhaps following up on this lead could tell you more about Vortigern? You proceeded with your plan to scour the city for interesting gear, and after making your purchases, you stumbled into the middle of a street war between rival sects of monks. Payorel recognized them enough to be able to help you choose sides, and you were able to fight off the attackers, which included a very powerful monk in black robes, wielding a bo-staff that glowed red, though not without taking you own lumps.
When you returned to the Broken Coin, a mysterious stranger named Malcolm approach Kuro about the Raven. It seems he had some dealings with the Raven, and felt he had definitely been holding out more of the take lately. He told you the location of a meeting planned with the thief and a few others to discuss a new job. When you went to the location, the Raven made a run for it, and a chase ensued. You were able to catch her (for the Raven turned out to be a woman), and determined that she had been holding back more of the take, likely due to the influence of a cursed coin. In the process of relieving her of it, the coin came to be in Payorel’s possession, and the curse immediately took hold of him. It took the combined efforts of the rest of the party to get it away from Payorel, and it is now in the claws of Kuro’s imp familiar, who suddenly seems reluctant to follow commands…

Anchors aweigh, my boys...

At the behest of Baron Northpointe, you agreed to investigate the strange goings-on at the so-called Iron Keep, an ancient sea fortress located some distance off the point from which the Barony draws its name. Payorel opts to stay behind for a time to do research on the Keep, while the rest of the party travelled down the trade road to the Southern Coast Road. After turning on the SCR toward the port town from which you would take ship aboard a ship provided by the Baron, you discovered a small fishing village that seemed to have been attacked and the people all taken away. You met a strange old man who claimed to have survived, and told a tale of fish-men and their shark thralls. Continuing on to the port, you met up with the sailing master and set out immediately for the Keep. On the way, you were accosted by a group of fish-men and sharks, much as the old man had described, and their goal seemed to be capture of prisoners rather than murder. You drove them off, and continued on to the Keep. Once there, you were battled your way through merrow, sahuagin (the fish-men), a twisted undead elven king and his guard, several living water creatures, and numerous nefarious traps, to finally confront the coven of sea hags at the heart of the affair. You stopped them from completing the ritual that would have freed the Kraken imprisoned beneath the Keep, and after mopping up the last of the sahuagin presence, you set out for the Baron’s ship to take you back to Northpointe.

Oodalolly! Oodalolly! Golly, what a day!

You answered the newly installed Baron Northpointe’s invitation and received a hero’s welcome. You were able to find merchants to sell some of your unneeded (or unwanted) magical items, and acquired several new toys, as well as a supply of consumables. You attended an awards ceremony honoring you and a merchant captain who had recently foiled a piratical attack on the King’s courier ship. The ceremony was interrupted by an attempt to assassinate the Baron, which was thwarted by the merchant captain. Spotting the would-be killer, you set off on a merry chase (accompanied by a Dragonborn warsinger that had happened to also be present, but without Aria, who stayed behind to tend to the merchant captain) through the castle and its grounds, eventually following him through a secret door leading to an underground river. The chase continued on the underground river, during which you faced several perils (including your own difficulties steering your boats), eventually splashing down in a pool at the base of a hill. Your prey was nowhere to be seen, but you assumed he continued downriver, and your assumption was soon verified by the invisible imp. You found a camp where the assassin had met up with a band of henchmen, and a confrontation ensued. You prevailed, and though the assassin escaped, you were able to capture one of his cohorts and brought him back to the Baron for interrogation. You discovered that the assassin was sent by the mysterious new leader of the pirates operating in the region, and that he was not working alone.

All I need is a couple days off

After a difficult battle with the traitorous Herald, Kaufra, and his undead former brothers and sisters, you have cleansed the temple. The sole remaining Herald, Hemekef, has begun the task of restoring the temple in preparation for the New Morning, with the help of Lieth, a paladin of Lathander who has answered the call to protect the temple from further attacks.
You have given the antidote to the boy, Devek, and he has awoken. He will recover physically, but he may never recover emotionally/psychologically from the loss of his family. Hemekef has offered to take the boy in, as he will need help restoring the temple, and can perhaps aid in the boy’s emotional/psychological healing. Devek is willing, and is eager for the chance to learn from Hemekef and Lieth how to defend himself so that he can prevent what happened to his family from happening to others.
When word reaches Havehollow of Crimson’s death, the village holds a proper wake to celebrate his life. Meanwhile, word reaches you that the Baron wishes to meet the group of adventurers that has been helping the good people of his domain. He has sent an official invitation to visit him at Northpoint Castle, which lies about a day’s travel north along the road that Havehollow is on.
Hemekef says that the party is welcome to stay and rest, and says that, after a few days to fully recover from the sleeping draught, he will be able to remove the curses he senses several of you are afflicted by. He suggests that, in the meantime, you all might make your visit to the Baron (and composes a letter which he asks you to deliver). He notes that the castle has several merchants and outfitters based there. He asks Payorel to remain at the temple during this time, however, to learn more about the New Morning prophesy and Payorel’s possible place in it.
After examining the sanctuary, searching Kaufra’s belongings, and time in prayer to Lathander, Hemekef is also able to piece together what happened while he was sleeping, and shares this with you: Apparently, Kaufra was secretly a servant of Baphomet, who was sent to infiltrate the New Morning temple and sabotage their efforts. He was able to deceive the Heirophant (leader of the order) enough to be allowed to stay in spite of questionable behavior (Hemekef notes that Kaufra was the one usually tasked with retrieving water from the well until the quake and incident with Kuo-Toa attempting to come up from it…). Kaufra only pretended to take the sleeping draught, and once his brothers and sisters were asleep, he slew all but the Heirophant and his assistant (Hemekef), who were locked in their rooms protected by traps. Once he had set up his profane altar and raised the Heralds as zombies, he used one to get into the Heirophant’s room. He killed the Heirophant and must have taken his robes, because Kafra was dressed in them when you encountered him. He must have also then run afoul of the spike trap on the stairs leading to the top floor (as evidenced by the punctures in the robes and his body), and died there. The dark forces he served, in their cruelty, raised him in an undead form and forced him to stay to prevent the temple from being re-consecrated to its original purpose. It was due to Kaufra’s oversight and demise on the trap that Hemekef was spared.

Over the river and through the woods...(minus the river)

After burying the farmer’s family, you examined the boy and discovered that his strange coma seems to be the result of poison that likely came from a needle trap. The poison is of a type that could not be healed by the magic or medicine you had available to you. Perhaps it requires a specific medicine or a more powerful magic to cure?

A teen girl from a neighboring family came to check on the boy and told you about his explorations of the creepy woods nearby. She mentioned a strange building he said he found, and gave you a stone with a symbol on it that he had brought back from the site. Payroll recognized the symbol as that of the New Morning sect of the cult of Lathander.

You set off to follow the girl’s directions based on tales the boy had told her. As you traveled through the forest, you were surprised to encounter a frightened bugbear who you soon found was running from an enraged owl bear! The owl bear attacked your party when it couldn’t see the bugbear, and was proving to be a challenge on it’s own. Then things got really dicey when the bugbear returned with his chieftain and attacked without warning! In the end, only 2 of you were standing, but the owl bear and bugbears were slain. Sadly, Crimson did not survive his wounds.

Will you continue the search for the mysterious building which seems to be the source of the poison? What will become of Crimson; will you bury him where he fell, or attempt to bring his body back to his family?

New paths

The party has bid farewell for now to their forest gnome friends, who have returned to their druid mentor to be initiated as full members of the Emerald Enclave. A tiefling warlock has approached the party and asked to join forces, offering his services in whatever endeavors the party undertake, in exchange for assistance tracking down and meting justice on the one responsible for murdering his family. A wood elf monk, who has spent his entire cloistered life in a temple devoted to nature, has been sent on a journey of self-discovery by his order. Will travelling with this eclectic group help him find the answers he seeks?

You have answered the call of a nearby farm family, who were distraught over their son’s condition. When you arrived at their farm, however, you found them murdered, and were ambushed by a necromancer who craves the amulet you found in Astagar’s manor. You fought off his force of thugs and vile undead, but he escaped into the woods, using his familiar to distract you from your pursuit.

Astagar's Manor
Level 2, yo!

You have investigated Astagar’s manor, and encountered all manner (see what I did there?) of magic cray cray. In the end, you dealt with his imp familiar and the poltergeists that had been harassing you throughout, then encountered a zombiefied version of the A-man, himself. After eliminating these threats and removing a strange wand from Astagar’s lab table, the magic effects ceased.

One mystery was solved, but others remain. What’s up with that Amulet? The wand that was at the center of this mess? Those strange runes on the front door? The safe deposit box in the Turmish capital you found a receipt for?

Perhaps the biggest mystery is: What will the group do next?

Almost There
Stay on Target

The village of Havehollow is marked on the map, for those whose lead-in story it affects. All of your character concepts are pretty interesting! I’ve tried to give you all different basic motivations and agendas, so hopefully some of them will lead to cool opportunities for further adventures. I’ve got some stuff laid out as possibilities for down the road, but I’m looking forward to how you will undoubtedly throw monkey wrenches into those plans and make me adjust. :)

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Ramping up
You must gather your party before venturing forth...

I’m really getting excited to see what all the players come up with for characters, and how the new system will work! I think we have a great group of players, with no “munchkins” in sight.


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