Central Ohio D&D

Over the river and through the woods...(minus the river)

After burying the farmer’s family, you examined the boy and discovered that his strange coma seems to be the result of poison that likely came from a needle trap. The poison is of a type that could not be healed by the magic or medicine you had available to you. Perhaps it requires a specific medicine or a more powerful magic to cure?

A teen girl from a neighboring family came to check on the boy and told you about his explorations of the creepy woods nearby. She mentioned a strange building he said he found, and gave you a stone with a symbol on it that he had brought back from the site. Payroll recognized the symbol as that of the New Morning sect of the cult of Lathander.

You set off to follow the girl’s directions based on tales the boy had told her. As you traveled through the forest, you were surprised to encounter a frightened bugbear who you soon found was running from an enraged owl bear! The owl bear attacked your party when it couldn’t see the bugbear, and was proving to be a challenge on it’s own. Then things got really dicey when the bugbear returned with his chieftain and attacked without warning! In the end, only 2 of you were standing, but the owl bear and bugbears were slain. Sadly, Crimson did not survive his wounds.

Will you continue the search for the mysterious building which seems to be the source of the poison? What will become of Crimson; will you bury him where he fell, or attempt to bring his body back to his family?



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